Christian Begin

Please let us know a little bit about who you are and where you came from?

I’m a filmmaker and co-owner of Bella Coola Heli Sports and I’m from Quebec city.

How did you hear about Squamish?

I used to live in Whistler and I discovered Squamish on a film shoot and I fell in love with the place.

When did you move here?

I moved to Squamish in 2003.

What are some of the best & or biggest changes you have experienced in that time?

The biggest changes that I see is the increasing amount of outdoors minded people and young families moving in Squamish.

What is your favorite activity to do in Squamish?

Mountain biking.

Tell me about what you do for work?

My work changes all the time. For example I have been working part time for the last 3 years on a film project, and during that time I was also managing three construction projects for my heli skiing business.

How do you manage to balance your hard work while still enjoying the outdoor lifestyle in Squamish?

It’s all about priority and enjoying the big Squamish playground is on top of my list.

What is your ideal Squamish day?

Every day is an ideal day for me. I like to mix it up all the time.

What is your vision for the future of outdoor recreation in Squamish?

With the increasing amount of people moving to Squamish more recreation area will be developed. Bigger playground with new places to play….


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